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The 10 Best Action Movies Starring Vin Diesel

Apr 17, 2017

Renowned for his portrayal of street racer Dom Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise, Vin Diesel garnered international recognition as the muscular and charismatic star. Let’s delve into his acting career and present his 10 best movies!

1 . The Fast and the Furious

Undercover Los Angeles cop Brian O'Connor finds himself in a dilemma as he becomes a huge admirer of the street racing world while its destruction is his actual mission.

2 . Fast & Furious 6

Dominic and Brian are forced to reassemble their team in order to aid Hobbs in destroying a crew of mercenaries. However, Dominic comes into contact with Letty, his girlfriend whom was assumed to be dead.

3 . Fast & Furious

Brian O'Conner, once again working for the FBI in Los Angeles, joins Dominic Toretto to infiltrate a drug lord's operation in order to undermine him.

4 . Fast Five

Dominic and Brian assemble a team of street racers as they plan an enormous heist to regain their liberty but they must face an extremely powerful Brazilian drug lord and a menacing federal agent.

5 . Furious 7

Deckard Shaw pursues Dominic Toretto and his team to exact vengeance upon them for the injuries his brother went through in the events of the film's prequel.

6 . The Chronicles of Riddick

The fugitive known as Riddick reaches a planet called Helion Prime, where he must face an empire called the Necromongers, an army scheming to either convert or eradicate humanity.

7 . Pitch Black

The crewmembers of a commercial transport ship find themselves isolated on a planet that is inhabited by nocturnal fierce creatures. They later discover that a month-long eclipse will happen soon.

8 . XXX

Xander Cage, an extreme sports stuntman, is recruited by the government for a secret mission in which he must infiltrate a terrorist organization while undercover.

9 . Riddick

Marooned on an extremely hot planet, Riddick must face an alien race of predators. He activates an emergency beacon that alerts two ships: one carrying a new line of mercenaries, the other commanded by a person Riddick used to know in the past.

10 . Guardians of the Galaxy

A team of intergalactic criminals find themselves forced to co-operate in order to thwart the plans of an extremist warrior to take-over the universe.

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