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New Matrix Movie Rumored to Center on Young Morpheus

Mar 18, 2017

It seems the new installment in 'The Matrix' franchise won't be a reboot as rumoured, but rather a spin-off that will probably be centered around young Morpheus.

After the rumours regarding a reboot of the popular franchise were invalidated by screenwriter Zak Penn, a new relevant rumour arose in its place. As AceShowbiz and Birth.Movies.Death report, Warner Bros. indeed
"is not interested in rebooting 'The Matrix'." But it will instead explore "expanded universe concepts." It is now rumoured that the new installment will probably act as a prequel and focus on young Morpheus.

In The Matrix trilogy, Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne, instructed Neo as he battles against the machines in Zion. Prior to finding Neo, Morpheus dedicated his life to look for the chosen one whose emergance and victory against the machines and the Matrix was prophesied by the Oracle. If the rumours are indeed true, Warner Bros may base the prequel on that period of Morpheus' life or his own experience of being freed from the Matrix. The cast choice for young Morpheus will supposedly be Michael B. Jordan.

The Matrix revolves around a hacker who is returned to the real world after learning that the world he used to live in was actually a program called "The Matrix," which was made by gigantic machines that conduct artificial human birth. In his quest to free humanity from slavery by machines, Neo must face numerous enemies and trials.

The film is written and directed by The Wachowski who spent years improving and honing its concepts.

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