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Charlie Hunnam On The Possibility Of Playing James Bond

May 13, 2017

Charlie Hunnam addressed rumors of the possibility of him being the next James Bond

Since Daniel Craig hasn't officially announced whether he’ll be reprising his role for the next Bond film or not yet, speculations have ran rampant over who might be the new 007 with the most recent name thrown around being Charlie Hunnam (King Arthur). In Thursday, May 11 episode of "CONAN", Conan O'Brien questioned Hunnam about the possibility of him portraying the 007 agent. Hunnam went silent momentarily and later responded in a bit of a serious tone. "I can say two things. I'm English and I look devilishly handsome in a suit," he said, jokingly. When questioned further about the possible portrayal, he continued: "I can say three things ... and nobody has called me about playing James Bond, so I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen."

O'Brien played along by saying, "They're calling me non-stop. They wanna go a different way with Bond, apparently." Hunnam replied, "If you decide not to do it, you can just throw your ole' pal Charlie's name in the hat."

Hunnam can be currently seen in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which premiered in theaters last Friday. Recently the 37-year-old expressed his dream of being a director.

It has been clarified that the role of James Bond still certainly belongs to Daniel Craig if he decides to reprise it. However, whether he wishes to do so or not has remained undecided ever since Spectre was released. The latest hints have been that Craig may be willing to cast as 007 one last time, and if that is indeed the case, then nobody else is going to get the role. With many people rooting for a Daniel Craig return, it's unecrtain who, if anybody, has actually been addressed about casting 007. There have been reports indicating that Tom Hiddleston did get in touch with the people in control, but that has not been confirmed either. Everybody from Hiddleston to Tom Hardy to Damien Lewis have been speculated as the next 007 but it is unknown whether any of them have been seriously considered. The uncertainties regarding the Bond franchise don't end there as the new film sparked a bidding war between five major Hollywood studios and the producers' alleged frontrunner to direct, Sherlock's Paul McGuigan, has taken up a new project that could very well put him out of the Bond running.

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